Rogue Star Series:

Children of Darkness

“I’m picking up a life form reading. Something’s alive over there.”

With those two sentences, Captain Marcus Drake’s friend and navigator Solomon Keys, will alter the course of their lives forever. After picking up a distress beacon far off the main trade routes they decide to investigate the source, a large ship with a gaping whole in the hull.

Aboard the derelict ship, floating millions of miles from the nearest civilization, a single woman, Earth Force Agent Iaka Kazumi, survives in a sealed cryochamber. When Captain Drake wakes her, he inadvertently steps into a conspiracy that could take down the entire Earth government. Omni Corporation, an earth based pharmaceutical company, has been engaged in strictly forbidden experiments on sentient life forms. Omni’s scientist aren’t working alone and Marcus, Solomon, and Iaka soon find themselves on the run from Earth Force agents that want them silenced, permanently.

Their only hope for survival takes them to a primitive jungle planet where they must convince a member of the native people to trust them when every human they have ever met has caused them nothing but pain. All the while they are being hunted by a ruthless agent and his band of killers.

Children of the Void

When an unexpected call from her former boss drags Iaka Kazumi back into the dangerous world of espionage Marcus Drake and Solomon Keys aren’t far behind.

Hunted by black masked assassins while on the trail of a dangerous techno-cult, Marcus, Solomon, and Iaka crisscross the galaxy in an attempt to save the Earth from a dark fate.

An old enemy becomes and ally and the final battle will leave the Earth changed forever.

Children of Junk

All Marcus Drake wanted was a nice, quiet vacation with his best friend Solomon Keys and his girlfriend Iaka Kazumi. He figured two weeks on Pleasure Planet 4 would be perfect. But things never seem to work out the way Marcus plans.

Kidnappers, assassins, old enemies and new enemies conspire to put Marcus and his crew on the trail of a weapon that could change the galaxy forever. There’s no rest for the crew of the Rogue Star.

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