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I Love Star Wars

Last time I talked about one of the things that inspired me, Anime. Today I want to talk about another thing that inspires me, Star Wars. I thought it was a good topic since the new movie just came out last week.

I love Star Wars. Not everything about it, but most things. One of the things I like best, from a business perspective, is the way they grow their franchise by telling stories outside the main saga, Like Rogue One, for example. My favorite example of this is the Clone Wars TV series. I suspect the writers could have told stories set during the galaxy wide war forever.

The reason I bring this up is because I have something similar planned for 2018, though on a much smaller scale of course. I want to create a world at war then tell a variety of stories within that backdrop. Big stories and small stories. Stories about heroes and villains and everyday people just trying to survive.

That’s the plan anyway. The way my brain works I’ll probably get distracted by a shiny new idea between now and then. We’ll see.

Until next time, thanks for reading.

James E. Wisher

Anime Inspiration

I was sitting in my office this morning trying to think what I should write about for my first ever blog post. After a bit of considering I settled on answering, or at least trying to answer, one of the most common question writers get asked, at least some writers get asked this, no one’s ever asked me that I can recall, where do you get your ideas.
In general, I have no idea what causes the random jumble that is my thought process to spit out something useful, but I do know where certain characters come from, or perhaps more accurately what inspired them. For the purpose of today’s post I’m going to focus on the main characters of my new trilogy, Disciples of the Horned One.
The hero, Damien St. Cloud and his sister Jennifer, are loosely inspired by Ryner and Ferris from Legend of the Legendary Heroes. In my imagination Jen looks exactly like Ferris and has the sword skills to match, her personality, though, is totally different as is her relationship with Damien.
All Damien has in common with Ryner is overwhelming power. Unlike Ryner he has his mostly under control. In all other ways Damien is his own person.
The magic of the world, Soul Force, is a combination of the energy used in Dragon Ball Z and Green Lantern’s power ring.
As I looked back at a lot of my stories I can see a strong anime influence running through all of them, some obvious, most subtle. That comes as no great surprise to me as I love anime.
What’s your favorite anime?

Until next time,

James E. Wisher

P. S. If you’d like to read about Damien and Jen click here.

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